Kamis, 07 Februari 2013


Today, i got an interview at Italy company and, the result is, I'm NOT SURE for the end.
Every i got interview, i always feel SO SURE and Alhamdulillah my feeling abut it is same with the end. The approve my apps and just me. I reject the bids. hihihi
Why im not sure about today, because:
1. I have 2-3 rivals, they younger more than me
2. They have same experience with me
3. They single also. -hiks-
4. When screening, my answer is too bad
5. After my teeth surgery, im not fluent in talking and clear that make interviewer should ask back my answer and do not understand my mean often. -nangis darah-
Now, i just can pray and hope. Wish me luck ya buddy... ☺

2 komentar:

  1. santaai aja mba Sonna. pede jayaaa pokoknya. mo lebih mudaan kek, mo masih single kek, hajaar ajah. ahoihoiii..

  2. ahahahaha... doakan sayah teman..


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